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Scope: This document describes the terms of renting the studio space heretofore referred to as Whistle Stop Studios, including rules, pricing and availability.

Purpose: To provide an affordable, professional, space for photographers who don’t have their own studio to do their work. Whistle Stop Studios may not be as large as others, but if you value a clean, safe, well organized, comfortable, space to do professional quality work, we are just what you’re looking for.

Because a studio employee must be present during the rental period, please plan accordingly.

Note: If there is enough interest in weekdays or summer weekends, I may hire someone to monitor rentals.

Call Gary at: 978-257-6165, or email to: giving the dates, and times you are interested in.

The Studio:
Location: On Rt 62 in Wilmington, MA less than a mile from Rt 93 and on the commuter rail Haverhill line.
Address: 200 Jefferson Rd, Unit #206, Wilmington, MA 01887
Studio owner: Gary Field - PO Box 762, Tewksbury, MA 01876

General info:

Studio Size: 1000 square feet with 10 foot white drop panel ceilings.
The studio is comprised of 3 rooms. One large 19 x 28 room and two smaller rooms 19 x 13 and 19 x 9. The 19 x 28 ft room being the main studio, divided into two sets. The 19 x 13 ft room can be used as a natural light bedroom set, as it has 3 large South facing windows. The 19 x 9 room is for prop and equipment storage, as well as a changing/makeup area for models. A dedicated makeup station with mirror, lights and an outlet is provided.

We rent the whole studio as a unit.

Hourly: $50/hr including lighting eqt, modifiers and props
1/2 Day(4 hrs): $160
Full Day(8 hrs): $300

Seamless paper cost is $15 per 8ft used (white, gray and blue are available, other colors may be available by special request.

Fees are payable in advance via check, Paypal or credit card when the booking is made.

Cancellations made more than 7 days in advance are fully refundable.
Cancellations made 3 to 7 days in advance are refunded at 50%.
No refunds on cancellations made less than 3 days prior to the rental period.



New Studio Usage Method: Announcing Time Packs!

Studio Time Packs: (user has self access: key and door code, and calendar access)

        Studio hours are billed by categories...

        Shoot Time Categories: The studio is officially only open 8AM to 11pm.


1) If a shoot’s time slot crosses between categories, the more expensive category is used to bill it.

2) Studio time is allocated on a first come,  first served basis via a shared google calendar.

3) Time Packs are good for 12 months after purchase. Any unused credits become void unless applied to a membership - no refunds.

4) Users must be vetted, because they get keys to the studio. So, don’t expect that you can necessarily buy a Time Pack one day and start using it the next. Allow at least a week after your first Time Pack purchase.


Other Services:
I have lots of modeling contacts and can help you find models to suit your needs. At least 2 weeks notice is recommended.


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Updated: May 25, 2016